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The Evolve Effect's Company Vision:

To assist in the inner healing of women suffering from hair loss by supplying them with top quality, easy to wear, natural looking hair solutions.

Meet Jess - The Owner of The Evolve Effect

I was working in corporate America, doing a lot of hours in a high stress environment with little sleep. I wasn’t listening to my body and I developed a condition called Grave’s disease (which many people don’t know is life threatening if it's severe enough.) With that diagnosis, I suffered from multiple symptoms, one of which was severe hair loss. I also lost muscle mass and lost a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. After going through all of this, I began to suffer from extreme sadness and depression. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked, I knew I needed something to help make me feel better in order to keep going.

I knew how to work with hair which was my talent. I was great at installing extensions, so I decided to try and make myself a wig. After making myself a few wigs; beginning to feel more confident wearing them, I began serving clients and they loved them as well.

It’s now been 7 years since I made that transition, I’ve grown my hair and wig brand significantly since then. Now, I believe my purpose is to serve other women challenged with a similar experience by helping them regain confidence through supplying them with natural looking units that make them like what they see in the mirror and positively impact the way they feel inside.

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